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 Character: Sam Brooks

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Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks

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PostSubject: Character: Sam Brooks   Character: Sam Brooks EmptySat Jan 14, 2012 5:11 pm

Character Name: Sam Brooks
Lineage: Osiran
Current Refinement: Aurum [Gold]
Past Refinements: Stannum [Tin], Cuprum [Copper]

Repute: 0

Description: Physically, Sam is fairly non-descript. His black hair is cut conventionally, and he has an average-leaning fit figure. When at 'home' Sam tends to wear practical work clothing, but keeps a few sets of nice clothing for when he goes out.

Disfigurement: Standard Osiran. Missing one of his toes.

Background: Sam was constructed by his parent during a fit of his parents Torment, although Sam has guessed based on the large number of weapons and extra fresh bodies he saw when he awoke, that his creator was prepared to try this numerous times. He still isn't certain how many, if any, Pandorans resulted in this attempt. While at first his parent was absent, leaving Sam to fend for himself, he soon returned once his phlegm stopped ruling his actions. His parent stayed around long enough to teach him the basics of what it meant to be Created, and reminded him that the search for humanity cannot be made resenting humanity, for humanities greatest tool is cooperation, and the curse that Prometheans most wish to dispel is that of Disquiet. To resent humanity is to miss the whole point of the Pilgrimage.

Not fully appreciating the effects of Disquiet, Sam first tried to live among humanity, but soon realized this was a solution not without extreme perils. But he had no desire to completely separate himself. His solution was to interact through a distance.

He set himself up in an abandoned quarry he found outside of town, where there was little life to reject him. Using his promethean powers and a bit of technical ability, he was able to set things up so that his new home could support his use of a computer and internet connection. With this, he was able to interact with mankind at a safe distance. He generally does not return to civilization except for necessities, with the one except being occasional visits to the library, and in these cases, he tries to keep human contact brief.

Sam also manages a small personal business, doing freelance translation work. It can be done over the computer, and offers its own little insight into humanity.

Personality: Somewhat distanced from mankind, Sam has kept himself free from the melancholy that Disquiet often brings, but his connection to the world through electronics and literature have helped stave off the pangs of loneliness and isolation that turn many of the Created away from the refinement of copper. While not perfect, as Sam is not in exile by desire, he managed to be fairly content and pleasant for a Promethean. Should he ever feel the world has betrayed or cursed him, he remembers that there are many who have it much worse. He has things to read, and a life to live in relative assurance of seeing the sunrise each day. Life could be much better, but it could also be much worse.

Still, Sam prefers not to talk about why he is in self-imposed exile often, and when asked why he spends so much time outside, even to another Created he will make up a variety of excuses as to why not. If pressed, he will admit that it's because he doesn't want everyone to hate him again. It's simply an issue he doesn't like to face, and considers it one he doesn't have to face, considering his relatively cozy setup. If he acquires a derangment, however, this condition is likely to spiral into true delusions, allowing Sam to risk Disquiet far more than would be prudent, if he can think of no other reason to keep himself isolated.

Despite his own supernatural nature, Sam doesn't much care for the supernatural. To him, the supernatural brings little good into the world. The natural world is plenty enough for him, and he sees no point in mucking around with things that have so little to do with humanity. As such, Sam rarely learns new transmutations 'just because', instead picking them up only for practical purposes, especially when that practical purpose is to replace something that his supernatural nature has denied him.

Lastly, Sam is a bit of a craftsman. Machines are just as much a part of humanity as flesh and society, but unlike much of what makes up humanity, machines do not succumb to Disquiet. Many of his forages into society involve trips to the dump or hardware stores, and though he would like to, his past tells him that it's not worth getting friendly with the people that work in those places. He does have a bit more of a society online, where he can talk freely with others who share his interests without the same risk of hatred, although he does mistake the higher rudeness quotient on the internet with a 'limited Disquiet effect', thinking that not even wires can completely isolate his nature.

Player: Geoff
Inspirations: The idea was a practical approach to studying humanity with avoiding disquiet as much as possible. Abandoned quarries free of life, and books and machines are all safe from the taint of Disquiet. These are the few aspects of humanity and nature that can be studied and enjoyed no less ablely by a Promethean as by a human.

Skills: Sams major skills will be in Academics (specialty in anthropology) and Crafts, along with a broad smattering of other skills as well. His quarry will be open to any other Prometheans who wish to stay, although it has no security dots, it's reasonably well worked and comfortable, and far enough from town that it isn't likely to be stumbled upon.
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Sam Brooks

Sam Brooks

Posts : 102
Join date : 2012-01-14

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PostSubject: Re: Character: Sam Brooks   Character: Sam Brooks EmptyThu Feb 02, 2012 5:32 am


Sam has found a way to mitigate Disquiet and the Wasteland effect without using complex transmutations.

Sam has discovered the effects of Disquiet operating through electronic media.

Sam's lair is open to all Prometheans passing through.

Sam is able and willing to assist any Prometheans in obtaining objects or equipment that will assist in their pilgrimage.

Sam can be contacted by his website "Babbling Brooks' Translation Services".

Sam's creator is a serial killer, and has created several Pandorans.
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Character: Sam Brooks
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