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 Character: The Doctor

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Character Name: Victor Walton [a.k.a. The Doctor a.k.a $@nd_3@t3r]
Lineage: Frankenstein
Current Refinement: Mercurius [Quicksilver]
Past Refinements: rumored Aurum [Gold]

Athanor: Pending
Repute: 0

Description: Victor is large black man, thick necked and more muscled than fat. Every muscle, limb, and digit is large and muscled. He is usually found in scrubs or doctor's coat when he is working. But if he is trying to blend in he usually dresses simply (monochromatic shirt and jeans--large jeans). The hair on his head has never grown in right since his creation so he keeps it shaved, but he has a small goatee. He speaks in a deep, rumbling voice that sounds like it is coming all the way up from his toes.

Disfigurement: When using his powers, Victor's patchwork nature becomes apparent. The body parts are all from large men, with most of his outward appearance stemming from his head. The connection points of his body are rather ordered and tidy, unlike most Frankensteins. They are assembled just above or below the joints with very fine, medical stitching. Some of the body parts appear to have various wounds on them--a gunshot wound on the right pectoral, a stab wound to the left thigh, burn marks on the matching hands. There are two small, exposed copper plates at his temples that spark with electricity.

Background: Little is known of Victor's background. He emerged from the death valley in only a few years ago. He can be found driving around in a American Medical Response ambulance often in larger cities. Those who have seen the inside see what looks likes a mobile medical lab. He is rumored to have some connection to the organ tread, but the exact nature of that connection is uncertain and changes with the telling.

Personality: Victor is shy, even among fellow Prometheans. His quiet nature is an odd contrast to his large size and usually undercuts any ability to use his size to be intimidating. When he does talk it is usually about science and medicine. He believes that everything has a scientific explanation, even the Promethean condition. Even if science doesn't have an answer for it now, he believes the answers are out there to be found. His gentle nature can be shattered though when his large size gets in his way or when pushed to far--usually by some idiot that wants to pick a fight with the gentle giant to prove some point about his manliness or some racist idiot spews an epithet. His rage causes him to smash thing, throw things, tear things to pieces. Occasionally, those things are living things.

History: From the exact nature of his construction, it appears Victor was assembled by someone with medical training. From the various wounds all over his true form, his creator must have had access to various fresh corpses.

• The Doctor has a lot of money from black market organ trading.
• The Doctor shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

Player: Jordon
Inspirations: Going back to basics: Frankenstein's Monster and the Hulk but with a focus on the science behind them, more then the rage.

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Character: The Doctor
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