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 Character: Mutt

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Character Name: Mutt
Lineage: Frankenstein
Current Refinement: Cuprum [Copper]
Past Refinements: Stannum [Tin]

Athanor: Pending
Repute: 0

Description: Mutt appears to be an older, homeless man. Shorter than average, Mutt's small stature is accentuated by a stoop and he tends to walk with a shuffle. His face is unremarkable save for two features: a wild, full beard of scraggly, dark, and matted hair; and a large scar extending from above his left eye to his ear, which is missing a few pieces. Patches of his skin appear to be discolored from 'street grime.' Mutt tends to dress in layers to overcome the ubiquitous tears and holes in the various garments he is able to scavenge. Usually, his outer garments consist of a large coat, loose trousers, boots, fingerless gloves, and a winter hat of sorts.

Disfigurement: When Mutt channels Pyros, the scars and joins in his body begin to glow. The brightest and most notable scar being the one above his eye and ear. Mutt has three metal conductor plates on his body that arc when he uses his powers, though they are often covered by clothes and hair: one at the based of his spine, at the base of his neck, and in the center of his chest.

Background: Mutt is a fairly new Created, being fashioned less than a decade ago. Despite being older, he has only been out on his own for the past 5 years. While Mutt is able to survive in nearly any environment, he tends to prefer deserted urban areas for the access they tend to afford to supplies and spare parts to scavenge. Never staying in any place too long, Mutt has recently has made temporary lairs in various abandoned neighborhoods of the Detroit, though he travels often to other industrial cities of the Rust Belt.

Personality: Shifty eyed, agitated in social gatherings, and short-tempered, Mutt can have difficulty working in groups. Although Mutt may cooperate with other Prometheans periodically, he finds it difficult to really trust anyone. While not completely without hope, he can be (very) rough around the edges.

History: Unknown

Player: Chuck
Inspirations: “There are only two kind of dogs in this world, do you hear me? And they are stray dogs and pet dogs. Stray dogs, in exchange for their freedom, wander in the rain and eat the food of uncertainty. Pet dogs that wear a collar and do nothing but eat the food of subjugation. So tell me, what kind of dog are you?!” -Head Sohei, Samurai Champloo Ep. 9 Beatbox Bandits (Evil Mountain Spirits)

“Don't worry, I'm not a stabbing hobo, I'm a singing hobo. (picks up his banjo and begins to sing) Nothin' beats the hobo life / Stabbin' folks with my hobo knife! I gouge them--” -Singing Hobo, The Simpsons Season 12 Ep. 21 “Simpsons Tall Tales"
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Character: Mutt
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